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New Site Setup

  • I inherited Traverse and I am trying to work my way through setting up a new site. We have a new sonicwall firewall up and working and wanted to setup the creds for the new device. I have made sure they where the same in Traverse Confi Mgmt cred manager as they are on the sonicwall firewall. I have turned on SNMP on the firewall.


    When I click Backup Device, nothing happens. Is there any documentation I can look over?

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  • @tezdoll, I am guessing you meant SNMP, not SMTP, right?     Sorry we don't use Traverse, so not much help here, but I would think you need more than SNMP to backup settings.    We use SonicWall's GMS to back up our settings currently, I don't know of another way, short of manual export.

  • Hi,

    The Network Configuration Management feature of Traverse is covered under section 15 of the Cloud User Guide, accessible from traverse.help.kaseya.com. However, currently there is no Adapter for SonicWall firewalls for the NCM module. You can still monitor these devices for availability/performance by performing test discovery via Administration -> Devices -> (Tests) -> Add New Standard Tests and selecting the SonicWall application profile from the drop-down list.

    Whether or not SonicWall devices can be backed up by the NCM module will require some analysis. However, feel free to submit a feature request via the Support Team so that we are aware of interest in such functionality.

    Regards - Rajib

  • Yes, you were correct. I meant snmp not smtp, just posted in a rush.