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New user unable to Remote Control

  • Want to setup a user with only access to remote control  (they are going to do remote training).    I setup a new user, gave them the scope of all of the machines, and granted access to SYSTEM, LIVE CONNECT and REMOTE CONTROL.

    They can see all of the machines, but when they connect, it just sits on "Connecting".    Download the latest Live Connect client.

    I have logged them on to my machine when I know Live Connect works fine on and same thing, but it works fine if I'm logged in.

    Any ideas?

  • Hi ,

    Could you please post a screenshot of the error message when opening Live Connect and not Remote Control from the affected user? Also, make sure you have the access rights set per this KB: helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../360005122971-What-User-Role-Access-Rights-are-required-for-the-new-Kaseya-Remote-Control-RC-.  

  • Hi cshockley,

    You need to include the two additional permissions in the user role:

    1. Audit | View Assets (view only)

    2. Audit | Machine Summary (no additional permissions required)


    Ken Marshall

    Director of Managed Services

    Merit Technologies

  • Awesome!  Thank you, that fixed it!