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Remote control and security against hacking browser

  • Suppose a hacker get his/her way over my laptop and over my browser and somehow get's my kaseya password.

    He/She will have full access to ALL MY AGENTS, provide that the agent is on-line.

    Just need to click on each on-line agent and bum!!! the computer is open to him.

    How to prevent that?

    Another remote control software that I use has a second layer password, so when I connect to the remote computer, I still need to inform an username/password to get in.

    The way Kaseya is today, it's too fragile if my password is hacked.

    Any toughs?

  • Setup and configure AuthAnvil so you will have two-factor authentication?


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  • +1 on Authanvil......works great, not too expensive and provides significant peace of mind

  • Yep AuthAnvil is the way to go, you can set it up for your PSA and any endpoints as well.