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Remote Connect and VNC work outside of location but not in internal test network.

  • I setup a internal test network at our company with a Windows 2012 R2 server as AD, and a Windows 10 machine. When we try to Remote Control one of these 2 systems the Latency will be around 30ms but when we try to controlling the computer it shoots ups to 12k+ ms and a few seconds later the Remote Control will crash. VNC connection works on the Server stably but when we attempt it on the Windows 10 machine it comes back with a failed to connect to the KServer error.

    The kicker is that running VNC or a standard Remote Control session on any other computer at any of the companies we look over works perfectly fine, no connection or lag issues, only on an internal test network.

  • I'm an enterprise IT manager and, as such, all of my machines are on internal networks. I have Win 2012 AD servers and am able to remote control my Win 10 machines without issue so not sure what's going on with your setup. My VSA is Version 8 - not sure what yours is. There's not many things I hate more than suggesting you spend your valuable time waiting for support but this may be a time you need to contact support.