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Anyone else having a stuck Ctrl key when exiting from a remote session?

  • Running v8 on Win 8.1   At first I thought it was my keyboard, but 2 keyboards and a whole system wipe/reload hasn't fixed this...

    Whenever I exit from a RDP session, it seems like my control key is in a pressed state.  If I scroll the mouse wheel, the screen will zoom in or out.  If I start typing, it will do whatever key commands with the control button pressed.  I have to actually press the control key once or twice to turn if off...but if I go back into a RDP session, then it's back on again when I exit.  It seems to work fine within the session, only seems to break when I exit back to my system.

    Anyone else have this problem or a suggestion other than remembering to press the control key?  It doesn't happen any other time using any other software on my computer.

    Thanks in advance!

  • This was fixed as of today in version I cannot verify version 8.

    Patch release notes: help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp

  • RDP or KRC? there are known bugs with the keyboard state in KRC - there have been a series of "fixes" the most recent of which was in patch as of about 24 hours ago.

  • Hello Andrew,

    There were some KRC fixes released in both R9 and R9.1 - you can find some details in the Release notes below.

    VSA R9 Release Notes


    VSA R9.1 Release Notes


    The issue below maybe the one you are seeing which was fixed with a Patch Release for R9.1. Patch Release - 1 July 2015

    Fixed an issue that caused the CTRL key to get stuck after clicking the Alt Gr key while in a remote session. (IP-852/D2)