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I used to review remote control sessions from Agent - Agent Logs and choose the machine and Remote Control Log.  Now it seems that only KVNC sessions show up there.  Is there any place that activities from KRC are logged for review?

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  • Look at the System Log in the System Tab and filter the description with the following:

    Remote control % <machineID>%

    Change the <machineID> variable to what you want.

    Mind you these logs will not adhere to the log history policy set for remote control. So adjust the history of the system log accordingly until Kaseya changes the Remote Control Log functionality.

  • Along with this you can also create a Report Part to parse out the System Log and create an actual report via Info Center.

  • That shows me when one was started, but doesn't show me duration or the admin note associated with the session.

  • There is a default report in the system called - REMOTE CONTROL - SESSIONS COUNT / DURATION / DETAIL - that will give you all the detail you require.

  • That sounds like it might be what I'm looking for, unfortunately the "System" cabinet under reports is completely empty on my system.  I guess that's another issue I'll have to address as well.


  • Oh, I found it under Logs, Remote Control - Sessions Count / Duration / Detail when creating a new template.  I'll just have to adjust the reports to show what I want.  They also don't show the admin note if one is required (we do for a couple of sites). But it's more than I had before.  Thanks!

  • KRC doesn't log to the 'usual' log files or record the same data e.g. session duration. Apparently this will be addressed in a later version, but for now KRC only logs agent, VSA user and session start time, and it logs this into the system log, not the 'classic' RC log that has been with us since VSA 5 (or earlier!).

  • I dug a little deeper into that report and it also seems to only show KVNC sessions.  So I guess I just have to wait until they catch up with logging for KRC.  My issue with the system log is that it doesn't show any information on duration or the admin note.

  • When you run the report mentioned above are all of your KRC sessions showing up as failed? I have connected to multiple machines for long periods of time but the report just shows all KRC sessions as 0 seconds.

  • As I stated earlier, KRC sessions don't log the duration or the admin note. So 0 is normal.

    The only data on KRC sessions can be seen at system-system log. Look for entries starting with 'Remote control access requested to ....'

  • Has anyone heard anything from Kaseya on whether or not this will be addressed ever? I can't seem to get much more than being told to go to a third party company if I want to be able to see when an admin disconnects from an agent, which is quite concerning.

  • - the shortcomings within Kaseya Remote Control Logging will be added as part of the Sep14 release.  Thank you for your patience. - Chad

  • Was this ever added?

    On one agent i need to see who has logged in in the past 24 hours. Whats the best way to do that?

  • Never mind i found it. Agent > Agent Logs.

  • Now the issue is, only the FIRST name of the admin is logged in KRC..too bad if you have two techs with the same first name,...