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Mouse does not work, Keyboard Does - Remote Control Session

  • Working in the new V7.0 Remote Control, I have logged into 2 different workstations so far where the mouse just does not work but the keyboard does (mine not theirs).  I am trying to figure out what is causing my mouse to not work (at all).

    Anyone else have this issue?

    Thank you in advance!


  • It appears we are having an issue only with machines which have wireless mice attached to them based on testing so far.

  • Yes , I have experienced the same issue. We have 2 PCs driving our NOC screens that do not have a keyboard or mouse attached. The keyboard and mouse work on one, but the mouse does not work on the other.

  • Any work around by chance?

  • No, afraid not at this stage.

  • This is a big issue, we've got lots of machines using both wireless mice and servers with no keyboards or mice attached to them.

  • Gents, thank you for posting this.  We are aware of the issue and will get it fixed ASAP.  Please be sure to get a ticket into support so that we can see all use cases.  

  • Any update on this?

  • Watch for a Remote Control bug fix in the patch: help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp

    We are also tracking a few other corner cases that may affect mouse issues, but a majority of them should be addressed in the .10 patch.

  • Is there an approx. date for this?

  • .10 was just released.

  • Am I reading that patch log correctly? Have there really been 10 patches in the last 7 days? Whew... You guys must be spending a good portion of your time applying patches.

  • Hi Chad, we ran the .10 update, reapplied the schema, but alas on the one customers PC I could check the mouse issue is still there.

    He has 3 screens where screen number screen 3 is the main screen in Kaseya Remote Control. It's not a wireless mouse.

    I assume no new agent has to be rolled out because I see no new version of the agent, am I right ?


  • @Zippo, the new patching process literally takes about 5 minutes on my server. Unlike the old hotfixes the patches do not require a reapply schema.  Also, the product was shipped with Patch level 3 and Kaseya has released a patch every day since the release.  This is similar to what happened with 6.5 where a new patch was released every day for 2 weeks after the initial install after which Kaseya went back to bi-weekly patching.

    - Max

  • Chad, I reran the agent update on the client ALTOUGH it does not show it has a newer agent version now.

    It DOES however fix the issue.