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live connect through RDP gives only a black screen

  • I have a client which connects through live connect with his windows XP computer at the office. When he starts the Live Connect RDP session the screen gets black. Normally there should be a login screen for windows. anyone has a solution for this?


  • I have a client having the same issue, and as we connect 99% of the time via VNC internally we do not experience it as much but the clients connect via RDP with full screen access, and this is becoming a big issue for us.  We are on agent but still have no luck.  Anyone have a solution or experiencing the same issues?  We have a also seen it with Windows 7 workstations as well, although most users are still on XP.

  • yes we've seen this too. But only on less then 0.1% of all systems we manage

  • what happens when you use the remote control module and set the default to rdp and rdp in from the remote control module? Does it too give a black screen on those PC's? that would at least help in identifying if the issue is in the PC or in the live connect tool.

  • Do you think it could be due to the following problem.. i just found this help text in Kaseya while trying the step above:

    XP supports only one RDP/Terminal Service session on the target machine and logs off other users. Starting a remote logon session from a second machine logs off the first remote logon session. The VSA uses the port relay to get through firewalls and gateways. To Windows XP, it appears as if the Terminal Server session is connecting from the localhost.

    Warning: Using the credential of a currently logged on user confuses XP. It can not determine if the user is reactivating the existing session locally or remotely initiating a new connection. As a result Window XP may hang, requiring a reboot to recover. The VSA can not protect you from this. Do not log on using the user name of an already logged on account.

  • i don't think that is the cause ...since we have seen it mainly on servers !

  • Hello Hans,

    Did you find a solution already. We are experiencing al lot of black screens on the customers servers .

    Thanks for your answer.