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Does the K Agent Uninstall Remove the VNC software?

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When I uninstall a Kaseya agent from the VSA, does it automatically uninstall the VNC software?


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  • From what I recall it does not automatically uninstall VNC, it also leaves the content of the kworking folder (agent temporary working folder) and if you have any of the other agent add-ons like KAV or KES it will leave them behind. I have been working on an Agent removal procedure that will properly cleanup after itself an anything else Kaseya related that might be installed on a machine still some ways to go...

  • No it does not.

    There are built-in Kaseya scripts to remove the various remote control packages.

    You should schedule these to run (even if they are not all installed) on each agent you are removing the Kaseya agent from.

    Other things I include are:

    - Kaseya credentials account.

    - any utilities installed via my original Kaseya installer.

    - any registry entires created

    - reset any system settings back to default (i.e windows updates, UAC etc)

    - any remaining files / folders you created (such as kaseya Temp)

    I would strongly recommend not to Delete the \Program Files\Kaseya directory as kaseya agents other than yours may be installed to the system . For example you were auditing a potential customer who's current guys used Kaseya too....then your removal script would kill their install. Its happened to me ;-)



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