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Remote Control - Activate WOL before controlling ?

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I've never tried this, but does Kaseya have the ability to run a Wake-On-Lan before connecting in?


  • We give a user a username / password to access our Kaseya portal, so they can control their PC (and only their PC) remotely.
  • They shut down their PC every night.
  • Upon logging into the portal, the option to "Remote Connect" is unavailable - the PC is off.

What I'd like to see: 

  • Rather than a grey'd out "Remote Control" button, in the case that a PC is off, the button changes to a "Wake and Remote"
  • Clicking on the button sends a Wake-On-LAN command, and initiates a Remote Control session once the system powers up / checks in
    • This would have a (example) 2 minute timeout - Enough time for WOL to run, the system to power up, Kaseya to check-in, and the remote-control function to contact the local K-Server.

True, as an administrator, we can run a "Wake-On-Lan" command.... but would this not be a relatively simple change to simplify things?



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  • er, "never tried configuring / finding a workaround for this" - I HAVE tried this, but tend to either run Wake-On-LAN or I call someone to power on a system (not so useful on a weekend / 3 AM when everyone's gone home).

  • i think you might find this link helpful.


  • I've run various WOL scripts before, what I'm looking for is a functionality upgrade for non-administrators (Eg: People who are given the Kaseya portal address for remote control of their PC from outside).  From an administrative viewpoint, there's many different ways I can issue a WOL command - Issue a WOL command through Kaseya, run a WOL script, run a command manually against the MAC address, schedule a procedure with "Power-on computer" checked, and so on... but from an end user's perspective, this needs to be simple.  Many users will have restrictions on what they can do, so they won't be able to schedule procedures.

    For systems that have WOL capabilities:

    When accessing a system's KLC page, instead of greying out the "Remote Control" for the target computer (for systems which are marked as unavailable), have the button changed to a "Wake and Remote" button - Issue a wake command, and start a remote control session as soon as it's back up.

    The idea here is to remove all "hoops" that a user would have to jump through to make it happen.  And to be honest, as an administrator, this is one less hoop that I have to jump through to do some very basic things.  If they don't have the rights, it's a limitation, but if they do, it's an "end-user-experience" item - I can get around it, but should I have to?  Probably not... Is it a relatively simple change from Kaseya's point of view?  Absolutely (Check for WOL capabilities, call on the WOL subsystem, increase the timer on the "wait for remote"... if it times out, tell the user to wait, or that the system cannot be woken)... Does it lower the learning curve to do simple things?  In a way, yes.  Will it make my job easier, cut some steps from my day?  Yes.  Am I just being lazy?  No, I don't think so.

  • I think you can add their ablity to run a script to the machine policy for their portal. Include that wol command and teach them to use that from within live connect when their pc is off. Hope this helps.

  • What I think would be a good feature for Live Connect is if the machine is offline, the user is given the option "Wake & Desktop Access". If it's online, then it's just "Desktop Access". We have users at a few different clients that would greatly benefit from this feature. They currently turn their desktops off at night but want the ability to wake and remotely access them.