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"Last Logged on by" Column in "Remote Control"

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Not sure if this is the place to post this, but I'd really like to see the Last Logged On Column be added to the remote control window. I used to click agent to see this information, but it's a little different now with K2. Are there any plans for adding a "choose column" feature for the remote control page, and if not, is there a place to send feature requests?

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  • Been thinking about that very thing for a while now and wondering: A - Would it be any use?  B - Can I just fudge something up myself.

    Good to see I'm not alone in wanting/thinking about this.

  • I'd definitely find it useful, especially when helping a user over the phone troubleshooting connectivity issues. If they can't get online, it would help to see the machine they logged into last to get the Dell information from the system. Also when they're home and you want to set them up with remote access to their system at work, and they don't know the computer name...

    Granted, I can just go to the agent tab... which is what I do. It'd just be nice to not have to flip back and forth. The code to add columns is already there for the agent tab I believe, I can't imagine it being too difficult to add to the remote tab. I could be wrong of course...

  • I see this post was moved. Thanks moderators! :D