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Survey: What remote option do you use?

  • So we're implementing kaseya 6.1, migrating customers over from 5.1 (various reasons, long story, and it was recommended by both Kaseya engineers and internal staff that we implement migration rather than upgrade)... 

    One of the things that the powers that be asked was "What is the difference between KVNC and WinVNC?  Which is better, and why?", and I realized that it's partially a preference based response.

    I understand that, within Kaseya:

    • KVNC is a TightVNC based client
    • WinVNC is RealVNC 4.5 based client
    • Terminal Services (RDP) isn't really an option on the desktop
    • PCAnywhere is viewed of as a joke
    • RAdmin is... what precisely?

    My question to others on here is: What has been your experience with using these various remote control packages, and what did you go with?  I'd like to see what others are using within K6.1.  The "in-browser" VNC package doesn't seem as nice as the break-out window, and we're not looking to keep it within the KLC webpage.

  • LogMeIn > *

  • Logmein (Rescue) if I have a choice

    I've used RAdmin a few times, seems decent, terrible pricing model.   Teamviewer seems OK, too.   And I've come across a remote desktop product where we install our own support server, very good pricing model, people rave about it, but I can't remember the name...

    PCAnywhere IS a joke

    RDP is good but doesn't allow sharing screens, kicks other users off the desktop, limits number of sessions active on host

    VNC is slow to install, slow to use, not a good ad hoc support solution, all versions share these concerns to some degree -- but its desktop sharing is great


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  • we use logmeinrescue along with KVNC.

    I have also used teamviewer before too.

    We did try NTR global but found issues with it.

    logmein's new web conference software is super too - http://join.me

  • Our guys use a combination of DameWare MRC and Win/KVNC.  We find WinVNC works better for XP/2003 machines and K-VNC works better for Vista+ machines.

    I'm also trying to use KLC's desktop access (VNC) based as much as I can, though sometimes its a chore.

  • For clarification purposes.

    VNC = WinVNC

    KVNC = RealVNC

    LiveConnect Desktop Access = Kaseya custom VNC server using TightVNC

    KVNC was released to support Vista/Win 7 and is faster than VNC.  With 6.1, Kaseya added our own VNC server into LiveConnect using TightVNC and that should be faster than KVNC.  It also should not conflict with any other version of VNC as Kaseya now installs its own VNC Server.

  • I think the one you may be referring to is called SimpleHelp (that is the one you install on a server).

  • We've used Remote Support System for a number of years:


    It has a lot of nice features and is priced pretty well (no recurring fees, buy it and you own it).