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Notify user when Kaseya Remote Control Session terminates

  • Does anyone know the story why only K-VNC will notify the end user when the session terminates?  I found a few posts indicating this changed in 9.3 but bug/feature # cited is completely missing from the release notes.  I'm confused why such a simple feature wouldn't be there.

  • This is quite concerning as I received confirmation from Kaseya in May this was a feature in R9.3.  My initial reaction was quite pleasing as this is something we have been requesting for quite some time.

    SDP-980 - Fixed an issue with notifying users when a session terminates using Kaseya Remote Control.

    I also have a screenshot of the release notes at the time when this fix was released and documented.  I have confirmed however, the functionality is not present on R9.3.

    This is confusing and troubling at the same time - I plan to speak to my account manager on this later today.

    I hope this helps.

  • Any change on this? Or have you figured out any workaround for the user to know if the remote control session has ended.

    We specifically have this need for a group of users who run on MAC.

    I tried giving them the functionality through agent menu to disable remote control but that only disables it for future sessions. It doesnt kick out the current session that is running.

  • Any updates on it by any chance? We had this in 9.2 not working, upon connection works fine, bu no message when terminating remote session. Same in 9.3, it doesn't seem to appear.


  • Yes, this is certainly a bug... not a feature request too... as I have it configured in 9.3... and its gotta be super easy...

  • hi,

    Any update on this?

    we have the same issue here.

    The user didn't got a notification when the session is terminated.

    We are using