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Private Remote Control Sessions Question

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Is there something I'm missing or an incorrect assumption I'm making?  When I connect via Private remote control if I log in as the user or a different user I end up either taking over their session or initiating a prompt on the end users session that says another user wants to log in and notifies them they will be logged out.

"Private Remote Control Sessions - You can also use the Private Remote Control button in the QuickView window to launch a private session. Private sessions enable administrators to connect to a machine, logon and remote control the machine without accessing the console. An end user working on the same machine at the same time cannot see the administrator's private session."

Does this feature only work on certain OS's?  I'm trying it on Win7/Win8.


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  • KRC works just like RDP - on workstation OS's, there can only be one user logged in at a time, so if you KRC in normally you take over the user's session and they see you in action; if you do a private KRC, they see "press ctrl-alt-del" and if they press that it shows you logged in remotely.

    In other words, you can't use KRC as a poor mans terminal server on a desktop OS.

    On server OS's, two administrative logins are allowed, so you can have a private session without affecting the physical console.

    Note: this is a windows isue, not a Kaseya issue.....kaseya is just working within the framework microsoft provides.

  • I thought that is how it worked, though the wording makes it sound like there is the possibility of having the second session going.  I thought it was using something along the same lines of the old TS hack for XP.  So on desktop OS's the only use for private session is so that the end user's log in name on the console doesn't change if you have to log in after hours as a different user, is that your take on it?