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Consistently unable to Remote Control via K-VNC without rebooting machine

  • Since upgrading to Kaseya 6.5, I have noticed that if a machine has not been rebooted for a day or two, I will have to reboot the machine before I can connect via K-VNC. The agent just never connects. I am able to reboot the machine via procedure without issue and instantly Remote in afterwards. This started post 6.5 upgrade. It's not a huge deal, just slows down the process and I don't like having to ask clients to close everything down for a reboot in the middle of the day.

    Any thoughts or workarounds?


  • Check out the [Remote Control > Preinstall RC] page. You can get KVNC clients updated in advance to avoid delays when folks try to connect for the first time since upgrading the VSA.

  • I am having a similar issue with some client.  KVNC gets stuck on the kVncCheckxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx procedure.  The procedure is stuck.  Restart the agent the procedure runs again stalls the entire Kagent.  I have to cancel it in order to get the agent to work properly again.  Using 6.5 and the agent version is -  I plan on opening up a support request on this.

  • something must be stuck on the client side while the procedure is executing. May not be an issue with the agent as well.

    Would need to take a look into the kvncCheckXX procedures to see what exactly is executing and trying to isolate what step may legitimately be stuck on the endpoint.

    Can you confirm that other Agent Procedures can run successfully? Force Check-in for example. Or does that not execute?