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Remote Control "Less Suck" questions

  • Hello everyone,


    I've been asked by my team to make remote control "Less Suck" 


    The complaints my team has as follows:

    1. vnc is choppy 

    2. takes a long time for connection to establish

    3. drops the connection after a while

    4. with multiple KLC connections up it crashes IE, FireFox, and Chrome 


    They make the complaints about both live connect and the "Old School" remote connections. The "old School" connection does seem to be more stable once connected, but it takes forever to connect. 

    Any suggestions on how I can begin to trouble shoot this and make it, in their words, suck less?



  • And don't forget to add "Can't copy and paste in Chrome and Firefox"

  • I've always found that using the older remote control in either firefox or chrome is far more reliable and quicker to connect than via the activex method in IE.  The extra clicks required are a bit of a nuisance but it is after all only button clicking.

    Can't say much about KLC, when it works it's fabulous when it doesn't it really does suck.  I'm sure I don't need to suggest to you things like updating the live connect files on the remote machines regularly but this does seem to help.

  • logmein :)

  • Here's the weird thing about it all, I don't have any trouble connecting to anything, but the helpdesk team seems to have issues. I've started doing some maintenance over night that seems to help. This leads me to believe that I may have a performance bottle neck issue. I've begun to monitor for that now. I'm well within the hardware spec's Kasyea recommends so I'm not sure what's the deal here. :(   for now my team seems to be happier with their remote control results, but still tell me that I should intergrate Ammyy admin or Team Viewer into Kaseya..... If only they knew how this stuff really works!