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IT Dept complaining Kaseya agent affecting speed of their local VNC session

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We have a large client who use VNC internally to connect to their servers.

We are using RDP to connect to their servers but they are saying that ever since we installed the Kaseya agent on their servers that the speed of their VNC connection has dropped.

They removed the agent from one server last week and the said the issue disappeared straight away.


We have not deployed VNC to the servers nor do we use it or KVNC so I am stumped as to what could be causing this.

We probably have been using Live Connect but again only the RDP component.

Any ideas

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  • Hi

    I think if you start KLC automaticly KVNC will be installed.


  • This issue wont be an issue in a few months according to Mark.

  • Who is Mark and what does "This issue wont be an issue in a few months" mean?

  • He's probably referring to Mark Sutherland... and also to what I hope is :Kaseya might be working on their own RC Client.

  • or better yet...integrating LogMeIn :o)

    note: Thats a hope..not a statement.

  • We have clients using tightVNC for their stuff internally and no problems reported. What flavor of VNC are they using?

  • Interesting to know if just a stop of the service would fix the issue or whether its the uninstall only?

    My assumption would be that it is a registry setting, what springs to mind is the VNC mirror driver? Maybe you could run this script see if it makes an improvement.

  • Yes, its Mark Sutherland, and Yes Kaseya is working on their own custom remote access application so we can all quit using RDP, kVNC, etc etc.

    Information received at a few weeks ago at a Kaseya Conference.

  • Great stuff, I take it they will announce it in some form?

  • Hi Martin ,

      We are managing around 5000 Servers for about 100 CLients and mostly use RDP with both Remote COntrol TAB and KLC and havent seen an issues with any Customer using VNc internally. Please look at the below points and see if that helps

    1)In LiveConnect v6.1, Kaseya has written its own VNC Server using TightVNC. It will not conflict with any other version of VNC. ENsure that you are on the latest and greatest.

    2) If at any point your team use remote control Tab and VNC hen it can conflict with other versions.Kaseya-based VNC installations  from remote control TAB to Windows managed endpoints overwrites non-Kaseya based VNC installations, especially the retail RealVNC & UltraVNC versions. The same registry installation key is used. There are possible other factors involved too, such as the program name, service name, etc...

    if none of these help isolate the reasons , i would suggest raising a request with support to see if they can isolate the reasons and help you further.