Hi everyone,


It's been a while since I was on the forum. Due to the economy and the fact that I hardly ever called tech support, I stopped paying the Kasyea's maintenance fee. Prehaps they should have a per incident charge option and lower maintenance fees for company's like mine. Oh well, I'll probably move to another product in the future. But for now I'm toughing out it. One of the issues I have is folders being left at the root of the largest hard drive on Windows 7 systems. Their left by Kaseya's patch scan and deployment processes. The folders names are hex numbers and then have a single folder in the name Sandbox. It's just an annoyance to see them collect and they disrupt my trying to get things done (i.e. navigating to the users folder). So I wrote a program in C++ to find and clean them up. I'm just providing it for anyone else who's in the same boat.