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Windows XP SP2 showing missing even though PC is running SP3

  • I have several PCs at a customer site that are showing that they need XP Service Pack 2 even though the system shows that it is running Service Pack 3.  I found an article that said that it could be some corrupt files in the ktemp folder, but I deleted them from a test machine and then rescanned, and it still shows that SP2 is missing.  Has anyone seen this before?

  • Yes I am having the same issue.

  • Which files did you delete? In the Kaseya temp directory look for ptchscn.xml, ptchscn2.xml, and results.muc and delete these specific 2 or 3 files. Then run the patch scan again obviously. This has always worked for me in the past to resolve the missing SP problem.

    If this doesn't work, the only other thing I can think of is the machine is having problems contacting the Windows Update catalog library online, so might want to check that a firewall is not blocking access. While you are looking for the above files, look for wsusscan.cab and delete it as well if it exists. This file is an offline version of the update catalog and could be corrupt.

  • I deleted ptchscn.xml, ptchscn2.xml and results.muc and the ran a new patch scan on a test machine and still had the same problem before I posted.  I also looked at the windowsupdate.log file in the windows folder, but everything looked normal.

    Here is the odd part!  I was going to log in this morning and delete the three files above on several machines, let them run their normally scheduled patch scan today and then check on them later to see it anything changed.  When I opened up patch management and looked at the patch status, several machines were fully patched.  I checked several machines and now none of them are showing that they need SP2!  I have no idea how the problem was resolved, but it does seem to be fixed for now.