Good day fellow Kaseya admins!

This is certianly a strange case, and hopefully I can explain myself thoughly

enough. After the Patch hotfix was installed most recently, now almost

all of our credentials are "failing" during Patching. I have went through and first

tested the Set Credential, to which I have received a "Passed" status.

I have also been able to verify that the login / pswd are valid on each domain.

Next after re configuring the File Source Location, and testing through the

Patch Status, everything has Passed the systems checks.

After this weekend, our Patching, and Maintenance has ran, Ihave noticed that

many have alerted an "Invalid Credential". After investigating the Script Logs, I

have come up with only one reason for this.

8:15:58 pm 2-Nov-07
WUA Patch Scan Check

FAILED in processing THEN step 7, Get Variable, with error File Open Failed, Get version number from file %windir%\system32\msxml6.dll

8:08:55 pm 2-Nov-07
Patch Scan

Script Summary: Success THEN

The strangest thing about this is that the Credential Failed message wasat

8:10 PM on November the 2nd - in between these two logged messages.

I have recreated the Admin User account on the server to which the Tests

all pass, until it comes right down to performing the function through Kaseya.

I just found this located within the Configuration Changes Log:

8:10:54 pm 2-Nov-07
Admin *System* changed currently scheduled patch scan from legacy scan to WUA scan

No wonder patching is not working now - Also it would appear that now

Windows Updates are turned back on.

I hope someone else happens to be wondering the same thing...

Also please help because this is making our reporting look like CRAP! Sad

Thanks all for your future help -

Justin - Preferred IT Group

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