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Interesting Happenings ... Wonder if Kaseya might be affected?

  • http://www.betanews.com/article/AutoPatcher_Service_for_Windows_Ordered_Shut_Down_by_Microsoft/1188425465

    Will Kaseya be affected by this? I have to wonder if they go after another product that distributes patches outside of Microsoft's own update services, if it will indeed affect us here as well ....

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  • Hey Tom,

    I think the problem here was more that AutoPatcher distributed the patches themselves. There is a very valid concern here from Microsoft that what the end user has then downloaded may not be the original patch that was released. Who knows how the package might have been modified before inclusion into the AutoPatcher installer?

    By default Kaseya grabs the patches from the Microsoft servers. Even if you setup Kaseya to download patches from a local UNC path, it is still expected that you trust the source of those patches. The qualm with AutoPatcher seems to be that you cannot redistribute patches to the public, and that's what they were doing.

    (Now all that being said, I used AutoPatcher many times. It was a great product, and I never had problems.)


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