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Windows 2003 sp2 - Manual install?

  • Does anyone know if its possible to script this to install automatically?

    Even with an initial update it wont work?

    I have 400 odd servers that need this installed, and dont want to do them all manually... the 30 or so i have run it on manually have worked fine, so i am not concerned it will cause problems...

    I just need either to force the patch management to install it, or a script to install it?

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  • Go to the Patch Deploy function under theScripts tab. You can use this wizard to create a script to install any patch or service pack that is marked as "manual install" or any other patch that is not supported by Kaseya patch managementsuch as hot fixes. The wizard createsthe script under "My Scripts" under the Scripts tab. You can then schedule the script like any other script for any machines you desire.

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