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Wierd updating of Office after 4.8 upgrade

  • Last night I upgraded to Kaseya 4.8 and deployed the new agents. Today, I upgraded a workstation from Outlook XP (2002) to Outlook 2003. After the Outlook upgrade I forceda patch scan, Kaseya wanted to install several Office 2003updates but not Office 2003 service pack 2. Installing SP2 first would havebeen the most efficent means to quickly update the system. However, I let it install the updates it thought the system needed. I forced another patch scan, and then Kaseya wanted to install Office 2003 SP2.....so my question is...

    Has anyone else had this happen to them?

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  • Ihad not noticed the issue, but I will see if it is happening on my side, although at the moment I have very few clients that have office 2k3 installed, I am working on a technology refresh policy in my standard contract though.

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