Hi all,

This is probably an old problem but I am fairly new to "Kaseya" and the patch management feature so please bear with me.

Every morning I receive emails (around 50) stating the following.

The patch file probably failed to download. Uncheck "Delete package after install" and schedule the patch again. Verify the following 1. Check that the hard disk is not full.

2. If downloading from the internet, verify the connection from this machine to microsoft.com is not blocked.

3. Be sure curl-nossl.exe is not prevented from executing (by a security program).

Nowfor obvious reasons I have already checked all of the above and they are fine, so what is causing this problem?

Could it be something to do with the fact that they are all Office patches or could it be the wayKServerhas been setup? I recently took over a roleand now have to manage the server and am unsure how it was setup in the first place.

Apologies if this is very vague butI am now stuck for ideas. I havetemporarily set all Office patches to "Deny" to avoid the influx of emails!

I look forward to your responses.



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