The following provides the sequence of events for the update and release of the Kaseya Patch Database.

Microsoft Announces New Patch Availability.

Kaseya uses data from Microsoft as the basis for the information in the Kaseya Patch Database. On the day the of patch availability announcement, Kaseya receives the updated patch information from Microsoft.

Once Kaseya receives this data, an audit is performed to make sure that the bulletins, patches and other information are associated with the correct patch and path on the Microsoft support site. The patch location on the Microsoft support site is verified along with the delivery of the patch. Each patch is downloaded and tested by Kaseya to verify silent installation of the patch. NOTE: Kaseya tests each patch on all applicable operating systems. Exhaustive testing on a wide variety of system configurations for each OS is NOT performed. Kaseya can not guarantee that a patch released by Microsoft will be compatible with all your managed systems. This is why the Kaseya framework provides you the opportunity, through Patch Approval, to delay deploying a patch until you have verified the patch does not cause problems in your environment.

Kaseya then merges the data into the Kaseya Patch Database. Additional patches and information based upon information gathered from Windows Update, Kaseya Support and other sources are added to round out and complete the database.

Once this process is complete, the Kaseya Patch Database is posted. This process typically takes 1 daydepending upon the number and complexity of the patches released.

The Patch Management system within the Kaseya IT Framework automatically retrieves the database based on the schedule set by the customer (See “Refresh patch database” in the Scan Machine function). Each managed machine uses this database to patch scan going forward to report installed and missing patches.

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