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Software Management v Patch Management

  • When we started using VSA over a year ago, we started life with Software Management (SM) and moved over to Patch Management (PM) because of an issue where old out of date vulnerability patches were still being misreported in the reporting side of things.

    Am I right in thinking this is now been resolved in the recent roadmap announcement?

    Is anyone else thinking of moving back to SM as a result or are there still some advantages still with sticking with PM even thought this is legacy?

  • We still get completely bogged down by bandwidth issues when using Software Management - and this is just for 250'ish machines ....

  • Yep, we have some 6000 machines on Patch Management, imagine our joy in trying to use Software Management. Not a snowball's chance in a very warm place, that is going to make us happy.... Not very well designed or envisioned by Kaseya and I'm not sure when they'll be able to turn that around.

  • SM is a joke and Kaseya PM is not much better i am counting down the days to the end of my contract

  • We looked at Software Management earlier this year and briefly moved some internal systems onto it but quickly moved them back to Patch management.  I would list the problems but I don;t even know where to start;  SM is completely useless and I can't even understand the logic the designer was trying to follow.

  • i contacted my rep who set me up with an engineer to in his words provide me with training as obviously that is the problem not SM. we will see how that goes. i would hate to be that engineer he is going to have a bad day with me.

  • I'd be interested in what you learn that will supposedly solve some of the problems.  Personally I think Kaseya is too focused on the next acquisition and not the growing list of software problems from bolted-on junk.

  • While we drive to integrate our different solutions to incorporate our IT complete vision, I respectfully disagree with not focusing on the VSA product itself.

    Our releases are focused on addressing improvements, fixes, and features.  I encourage review of our recent releases here.

    We definitely have more work we are actively working regarding on fixes, enhancements and new features we want to implement in our VSA.

    I strongly encourage all of our users to review our latest product update webinar.

  • In regards to Software Management, we are focused on developing parity along with patch management along with enhanced features not available in Legacy patch Management.  

    We have much more coming in our next releases regarding software management (Some of it is presented in our product update webinar).

    Some features incorporated this year within software management:

    - Distribution Window

    - Corrected Blackout Window functions

    - Improved Peer to Peer distribution

    - Deployment and Scan Schedule

    - Corrected several bugs within module

  • well that is just fine but what about the fact that you basically cannot patch more than about 100 endpoints at a time. any more than that caused a bandwidth issue that will bring your datacenter to its knees. this issue alone make the product useless.

    Tech support tells me to stage my patching but how do you do that with over 2000 endpoints it is just not possible. DO THE MATH

  • Oscar,

    These updates are a good start, however, aside from Sidney creating what he could, there is not one Client-facing report that can used.  You simply cannot have a client see the false "Vulnerabilities" That word must change!  Additionally, The Executive Summary hasn't even been updated to represent Software Management. , These updated features really serve the server side of things with little or no client "value added" benefit.And as far as parity is concerned, I was told that Patch management was going to be deprecated and that Software Management was replacing that component.  What benefit is there to have both.

  • Reporting is seriously lacking throughout the entire VSA product. we just do not use them any more we have resorted to using Rapid Fire Tools oddly now a Kaseya product that gives much more details etc.

  • Oscars

    Respectfully we know you're trying to make improvements. Nobody is on this forum page to simply dish out insults or be mean. We are your customers. We have been patient, we have been reporting our issues and they aren't getting addressed in a timely manner. Period. Listen to what we are telling you and use that to understand your clients pain points and that 1 - 2 years of waiting is too long.
  • The vulnerabilities calculation issue is something we are definitely aware of and engineering is correcting this.  

    I understand being client-facing the lack of visibility or questioning the validity of certain dashboard functions can bring doubt.  Sidney is pretty good isn't he?  I am sure he shared his report regarding software management reporting in our automation exchange:


    You are totally right in regards as 'why have two' modules that serve the same technical function.  We are working to not only make the module not only in parity with classic patch management, but better.

    That is very fair. Personally, users are my motivation.  I can relate to the frustration as I was a user for years not too long ago and wanted either feature x or correction of issues.  There were moments where although I knew a fix was coming, I did not have the luxury of waiting and had to think outside the box for the users I managed.

    I like to take time from my day to listen to our users, help our users where I can, and receive feedback which I may incorporate into our product to improve not only in software management, but across the entire VSA platform which is vast.

  •  - I totally agree that you personally and Kaseya at large cares about its customers and that you are trying to make improvements.  I think your teams have been much better at listening to issues and attempting to fix issues in the last few years but my primary complaint is that those fixes come painfully slowly.   One of Kaseya's largest issues right now is the timeline of improvements and the timeline for fixes -- it's not a new problem either.  

    I couldn't tell you the number of years we are shown something or told something at Connect and then one year later it's still "in the works" or the number of times we have been told you're working on fixes to a module or general VSA and then those fixes get pushed further and further back.  I can't speak for us all here but I think the general consensus is we need kaseya to start committing to reasonable timelines and deadlines and be accountable for failing to make those.

    It's super hard for us to go to our users or our clients and keep telling them "a fix is coming" or a "new feature is coming" and then it's 6 - 12 - 18 months down the road before they get that.

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