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Windows 10 Fall and Spring version upgrades

  • hello,

    just curious how everyone is roiling these out. It seems there are a few options on the exchange. I’m just wondering if the procedures are stable and what one to use

  • - I would go with the one Douglas Sanchez made (automationexchange.kaseya.com/.../543) as he is a Kaseya employee, so that ensures a bit of support. It's simple, so not much can go wrong. On the other hand it's simple and could do a lot more.

    This updates to the October 2018 version, so 1809. It uses the Windows 10 Upgrade assistant, meaning it will run the update on the fly and doesn't require a large download of ISO files. We removed the required permission at the beginning and added a check for free disk space, so it won't start if it doesn't have the room to finish. We also changed the download link so we could also upgrade to the May 2019 version, so 1903.

    If you look at this link: automationexchange.kaseya.com/.../569 you see a much more elaborate version of the same thing. This looks great and does a lot of things, but the guy who made it has gone on to other things. So, you can look how he did things and learn, borrow and adapt. But test and test again how it works for your situation.

  • Sorry to raise this from the past. Is this really still the best option?  It seems easier just to remote in the machine and run windows update.

    How is this not built into patch management?

    Even WSUS handles this better.

    Does the 3rd party software management do this better. Any input is helpfull

  • Here I had posted my procedure for this once.

    Windows 10 Silent Upgrade to 1909 Procedure community.kaseya.com/.../24854.aspx

    In the meantime I changed the reading of the version.

    You can adapt it yourself.

    Before I had read out the Windows version via registry.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ReleaseId

    now I do that with Powershell. Here is the code:

    Get-ComputerInfo | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Windowsversion

    edit powershell code
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  • Thanks.
    It’s just crazy that after all this time. This is not automated in patch management. I don’t really trust Software Management.

    Crazy. It seems better to just turn on Automatic updates in windows. I guess I just want to keep patch management on
    just to justify our investment for Kaseya.