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Problem I'm having when trying to configure some agents to use VSA patch policies instead of Windows Update

  • As of recently, I've been setting up patch policies and testing them with select machines so we can have a little bit more control over when and what Windows updates actually get installed.  I have been able to get it up and running on a few machines, however, on some machines that I want to adjust the Windows Update setting to "disable - disable Windows Automatic Update to let patch management control system patching" the configuration for select machines just shows "settings available after next patch scan".  I've tried running the patch scan again for the agents that are currently showing that, but after the scan, it'll still stay stuck on that.  Is there something I'm missing here?

  • Are these machines any of the newer feature updates from Windows 10? Remember you cannot actually disable Windows Update on new feature released of Windows 10. That might be what this is.

  • Some of the ones I've started to deploy the patch policies to are servers and are running on Server 2008.  I can right away identify which ones are running on the newest Windows 10 feature update as those ones will show automatic update not supported.

  • Are you on the latest patch, did you have that issue where 2008 servers were being labeled as 2003 servers?

  • 'Settings available after next scan' usually indicates scans aren't processing properly for that agent.

    To achieve the effect you are looking for (disabling automatic updates) we have resorted to manually setting the registry key as covered in this post - community.kaseya.com/.../24314.aspx - which is what the Kaseya procedure used to do before they messed around with it.

  • Yes, I am on the latest patch, and no, as far as I can see I haven't noticed any of our 2008 servers being labelled as 2003 ones.