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Approved Patches changed to Pending Approval by system

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Has anyone run into the issue where previously approved patches change to pending approval by system override?

Since we updated to (12/26/18) we have had patches that were approved or denied, overwritten to pending approval by the system. was needed to overcome a problem with computers updated from Windows 7 to Windows 10 . Prior to the upgrade they would only recognize Windows 7 patches.

The change to pending approval happened originally the day of the software upgrade and then the following patch Tuesday. Later we found that it can happen any day. 

We upgraded to when we updated with the Software Management module (1/21/19). No change

We’ve had three different tickets open with Kaseya with different escalations and engineers to try to get the patch thing fixed. I’ve been reading the forums and the software management module has lots of issues. I think it’s related to our patch issue and am hopeful that they eventually will fix it with a new release. 

Has anyone else experienced this?



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  • I can only seriously suggest to stay away from Software Management for a few months more and make do with Patch Management. I was told there are big changes coming and that would make all the difference.

    For us it's the performance that keeps us away from the product. Even just running a scan for a customer with some 170 machines in different locations was enough to saturate their internet line (20 Mbit) with traffic. During the scan machines were unable to communicate with their AD server. Sorry, there's not much more I can suggest and I only wish you'll get Kaseya engineers to find the issues and ultimately fix it.

  • The big difference is that they are going to tell you to use LAN Cache.....No Endpoint Fabric, no sharing of files.  They are actually telling us to go backwards to make their new module work so that they can mark this as a win for resolution when it is nothing more than a huge band-aid on this gaping hole.

    As for the issue on this thread - I have not seen this with .16 and we are currently on .17 awaiting the 'hopefully' working with no bugs .19.

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  • Thanks for the comments.  We used to use lan cache and now use internet directly. Patching with Kaseya is slower than Windows Update. And Kaseya Lan cache is slower than Kaseya internet.

    My guess is that my issue won't be analyzed or resolved by support and we will wait until the new software has been vetted before installing it and seeing if that fixes it.

    Also, management here is pushing to go to Software Management and the comments I've gathered on the community boards will give me a defense.

  •  I know LAN Cache was the weapon against the lousy performance. But, I don't believe it will change what happened when just scanning about 4% of all machines we manage. To even consider testing Software Management again I need some serious assurances from Kaseya... We'll see what happens.

    Patch .19 is out, so it will take a step in the right direction.

    The thing that worries me there's no real indication when Kaseya will take the last step that makes the product acceptable. It's worrying they've been at it for about 2 years now and if you look at the product you can see the potential. And I do see they've gone from an alfa version product to a serious beta version...

  • I just sent an email to my account manager with regards to Software Management.  It was the main reason I moved to Kaseya from Labtech a year ago.  I was assured that this was SOOOO much better and included 3rd party patching (which is what pushed us over the edge).  Ugh, with 550 deployed agents, the scan and analysis brought everything to it's knees (kserver, bandwidth was just 100% consumed).   I then manually starting breaking the scan across several different days (just the first week of the month) and it's still horrible when it's running, but I kick it off at 5PM and usually am good to go by 6:30 to 7pm.   It is just such a manual process to do that when the whole point of a RMM is to automate my processes.  I want to run by managing the exceptions.  One year later, this still is painful.  I don't know what other option I have other than going back to labtech.

  • Software Management is a bandwidth killer. Every scan downloads a payload to scan with and its a couple hundred MB in size. When scanning a site that has multiple devices, this will saturate the network!  Why would LAN cache or patch replication not be implemented for use? It's horrible for a network.