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Issues HP desktops with keyboard driver and W10 October update

  • Our customers have been 'treated' to an issue between the HP keyboarddriver, HpqKbFiltr.sys, and the October updates for Windows 10, namely KB4462919, KB4462918 and KB4464330 (those are the ones we're blocking right now). Machines show a BSOD and in some cases can't use System Recovery.

    Removing the keyboarddriver file from system32 fixes the issue.

    Evidence suggests a recent keyboard driver update from HP, probably from July, causes the issue. Information is scarce, we're trying to get HP to provide an updated keyboard driver we can distribute through Kaseya.

  • here are a few links related to this issue.




  • We know about those articles and have read most of them by now. What they don't provide is an easy fix or update from HP or Microsoft. That's what we're hoping for....

    We've had issue with using the first option from Reddit. Might have to do with using Bitlocker. We're doing some further investigating...

    Small typo fixed...
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  • Hmm, I entered a reply to this yesterday, but it hasn't appeared here... Kaseya?

    We know the links, and we have followed all incidents, and there are enough of those. Our customers are now up to  20 machines, that had the BSOD. We're working with Kaseya to get more information. It seems the HpqKbFiltr.sys file version is the culprit here. Although not all machines with this file will get the BSOD. Making this a very hazy issue. Unfortunately neither HP, nor Microsoft has come out with a statement about this....

  • FYI, new Microsoft KB:

    HP devices may experience blue screen error WDF_VIOLATION after installing HP keyboard driver (version


  • Thanks !! That's very good to know... I appreciate it..