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Kaseya patch reboot question

  • Is there a way to have Kaseya nag a user for patch reboot but also set it so that if there is no response after one of the nags for 10 minutes to just reboot the machine regardless? Basically, I want to combine two of the existing options into a single option and don't see a way to do this as of now.

    Thank you in advance,

    Kevin Cozzali

  • You would set a policy and use the Patch Reboot Action. Select the option "If user is logged in ask permission. Reboot if no response in x minutes".  They will get a popup, and if they don't respond within the set minutes, it will just reboot.  This will also just reboot the machine if they are not logged in.

  • Corey Crossman- I think you didn't answer the entire question.  kcozzali- I have had this question too.  The problem is that if the user says no to the first prompt then they are not continually reminded until the next patch install.  kcozzali wants a procedure that if they do say no it nags them regardless.

  • You could try this:  

    You have two procedures in your sample procedures called Reboot-Ask-Yes and Reboot-Ask-Yes2.  Copy these so you are not overwriting the orginal procedures.  The reboot ask yes will ask and reboot after 5 minutes if no response from the user.

    Set your patches to not reboot after install but schedule a post patch procedure to run Reboot-Ask-Yes.  Reboot-Ask-Yes calls Reboot-Ask-Yes2.   Modify Reboot-Ask-Yes2 under the if statement and before the else to schedule the procedure again in x minutes.  You can also modify the time from 5 to10, or whatever you need

    Looking at this procedure it looks like it makes the user press YES to continue working instead of pressing YES To reboot like the original ask to reboot procedure. You may want to re word it so it makes more sense to the user.

    I haven't tried this so you may want to do some testing first!

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