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Updating machines that are turned off

  • I just wanted some knowledge on how exactly patching works. I have a company that just will NOT keep some of their machines on and always turn them off. I set them up for Tuesday night patching. Now, if the machine is off the night of patching and they turn it on a day or 2 later, will updates be automatically applied at that time, or does Kaseya wait until the next scheduled patch night?

  • Depends on how you have your schedule set.  When you schedule Automatic update you choose whether or not to skip if the machine is offline (i.e. try again at the next scheduled time) or not (have the script run when it next comes on).  You also have the option to try a Wake on LAN - "Power up if offline"

    As long as the machines are reasonably new and one machine stays powered on their network, the Power up if offline option may work.  We have one client where I power up their machine at 9 pm for maintenance and then shut them down at 4 am because they like them to be off when they leave and when they arrive.

  • Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. The machines in question are all laptops that they like to shut down and take with them etc. I do NOT have the skip if offline option checked. Technically, they should patch at next turn on yes?

  • Yes - as long as you have it set to patch from the Internet (either all the time or if the local cache is unavailable) it will even update wherever they are as long as there is an Internet connection.......one warning, if any of them regularly use the cell network (mifi or other) for Internet, the patch process won't care and will even download updates using their data plan.  Of course, so will Windows Update.

  • Oh, and you can actually verify that it is queued to run by checking the agent tab in Live Connect

  • That explained everything. Thank you Karoded!