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Patch and reboot servers in certen order

  • HI

    How do guys solve to patch an enviroment in a certen order.
    I would guess most of us would like to restart machines in a certen order for various reasons and have the chain running with IF statments.

    What Im after is

    When server1  is online and service XX is running start to patch server 2   and so on

    Im told this is not possible with kaseya?

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  • Only way I've found to do it and it's not 100% is to schedule the ones you want to be up when other systems are coming up to patch well before the other systems.  In my case it's sites with single DCs in multi-server environments.

  • Hi

    yes thats what Im told also.

    Must say i'm surprised and very disapointed  that there aint such a feature in kaseya

    The servicewindows will be to long if you want be on the safe side timewise

  • on the last server you want to reboot create a AP with executeShellCommand and use the shutdown command for the remote machines. Just remember to create a pause in between running them to make sure they dont reboot all at once.

  • Maybe you could leverage this somehow:


  • We have 3 hour patch maintenance windows, 3 groups depending on roles of servers get split and kick off at 0000 0100 and 0200.... we actually patch the servers through out the day on Saturday and hold the reboots for the maintenance windows.  I don't think any servers take long then 10 min to reboot.

  • Hi

    @ghansen  Im leaning that way aswell but having conserns if one might bump into problems with applications that stops working correct when patched but not restarted.( 10 min normaly unless you get stuck with some nasty dot.net :) )

    @neuvoja  that look intresting to

    I will have to see what powershell can give us here aswell

    thanks fpr the replys

    I assume its a feature that has been asked for before and for some reason hard to crack cuz we cant be the first ones wanting to controll the boot order with "IF" statments

    * Maybee we could start up server 1
    and then rigger a reboot of other servers if uptime on server 1 is under a certen value

    and porparbly som other rule ta safe it up for just patchnights and so one

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  • you might be able to actually use a script to update a custom field in the next server which would then add it to a view to be patched immediately... something like that...