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Kaseya Patch Management & Windows Update status

  • How do you guys handle Windows Update status? It seems that kaseya patch management does not update the most recent check for updates & updates were installed status and the Action Center informs the users about it which generates a lot of unnecessary concern about Windows not being up to date.

  • Check out this thread: community.kaseya.com/.../19534.aspx

  • I tried to search for old posts about the issue but that thread did not seem to catch my eye, thanks! I think that thread should be moved under Patch Management and sticky it :)

  • Mikey P was on the right track - where that procedure updates the timestamp and field 'Updates were installed on xx/xx/xxxx'.  You can utilize this on pre/post patching procedures.

    I utilize a similar process in our management and does achieve an updated 'check timestamp' .