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Patches appear to be a day behind

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In Patch Management -> Manage Machines -> Automatic Update:

Many of my machines that are scheduled to patch on Tuesday night currently say that the "Next Run" will be on the 24th of March.

The 24th of March was yesterday, and they still say this.

In addition to this, nearly no machines patched last night, even though the windows are set to go at 8-9PM on Tuesday with ~30 minute windows.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this?

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  • Have you looked at Live View and Agent Data? There might be a pending job running that hung. You can only run one job at a time.

  • Time zone plays a significant part in scheduling.  When the schedule is first configured, you have the option to "schedule in agent time" using a checkbox at the top of the scheduler window.  Unless your Kaseya server and all endpoints are in the same timezone (assuming each machine's OS is configured to the time zone it's actually in), the time processes are scheduled for will be adjusted based on whether you select the "schedule in agent time" option.

    For example, if your KServer is configured to Eastern US time zone and your endpoint is configured to Pacific US time zone, and if a schedule is configured to happen at 11pm, if the "schedule in agent time" option is selected, the process will run at 11pm Pacific time, which would be 2am Eastern.  If this option is not selected, the process will run at 11pm Eastern, which would be 8pm Pacific.

    Adding more complexity, your display options will play a part in the timestamp you see in the VSA.  You can adjust how time is displayed within the VSA using the System > Preferences function.  Additionally, annual adjustments between Standard and Daylight Saving Time are not considered in scheduling:  help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp

    The agent procedures and/or configuration changes logs may provide some detail as to whether a process was skipped for a particular machine (i.e., the machine was offline at the time of the scheduled task).

    As a side note:  If you're hosted in the Kaseya Cloud, the servers are configured to GMT.