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Windows Embedded OS Patching Support

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Anyone know is patching is supposed to work for embedded:
win xp

win 7

I've tried to get it to work but it's been hit or miss on success.

Hardware as follows:

Radiant Systems, Inc
Product Name:
System Version:
System Serial Number:
System Serial Number
Chassis Serial Number:
Chassis Asset Tag:
Asset Tag
External Bus Speed:
133 MHz
Max Memory Size:
4 GB
Max Memory Slots:
Chassis Manufacturer:
Intel Corporation
Chassis Type:
Chassis Version:
Motherboard Manufacturer:
Radiant Systems, Inc
Motherboard Product:
Motherboard Version:
Motherboard Serial Number:
Processor Family:
Intel(r) Atom(tm) processor
Processor Manufacturer:
Intel(R) Corporation
Processor Version:
Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU D2701 @ 2.13GHz
CPU Max Speed:
2136 MHz
CPU Current Speed:
2128 MHz

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  • The exact Windows components that a vendor ships with their Embedded distribution can vary wildly as the very nature of Windows embedded allows for otherwise basic OS components to be turned off or removed entirely.

    I've most often seen systems with Windows Embedded patch OK, but if the vendor didn't include the core Windows update components to support patching, there isn't anything Kaseya is going to be able to do for it when it comes to the Patch module.

    It *may* be possible to deploy certain patches manually via agent procedures but you'd need to go through your own process of creating and executing them.