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Unexpected Shutdowns on patch reboot. (6008 Event ID) COME ON KASEYA!!

  • So, We have been having an issue for some time now. When we patch reboot it causes our servers to unexpectedly shutdown. This is an issue because A. we monitor for 6008 errors and this makes that pointless, B. it could cause corruption in SQL or Exchange Databases because they are being improperly shutdown, and C. We are using Appassure backup and every time a server unexpectedly shuts down it causes the backup to re-base image the machine (which fills up out repository). 

    This has been causing some serious headache and concern. Naturally I created a ticket right away with Kaseya support and they just played it off as if it wasn't hurting anything. They told me to add a "feature request". Then it went into development hell. We the went about our business just dealing with it, waiting, patiently. Of course Kaseya didn't do anything about it. My supervisor continued voicing his concerns and my response is always, "SORRY, Kaseya is working on it I've done what I can!".

    Well recently we onboarding a nice large Bank client. They are super important to us and we want to prove our worth. Well, they have their own IT Admin and we work with him closely. Sure enough his servers patch and unexpectedly shut down and there's not a damn thing I can do about it. He is update and concerned and there isn't anything I can do except set the servers to NOT REBOOT on patching and do it manually. HOW'S THAT FOR AUTOMATION KASEYA!

    I have since create ANOTHER support ticket to look into the issue again. They are again trying to play off the issue and tell me "its still in development, its not important enough to be placed in front of other things were are fixing right now." I have raised what hell I can with support managers and Kaseya higher-ups. Still nothing.

    Is anyone else having this issue? Please chime in here if you are? Whats it gonna take to get some real support?

  • One option is to set the patch reboot action to NONE then use the pre/post procedure to schedule a script that will restart the server.

    We've always kept the reboot action to none and do our server reboots manually (via kaseya scripts).

  • Thank you for the suggestion! Problem is, I have patches the servers without rebooting them and then used an agent procedure to reboot the machines. I still get the unexpected shutdowns.

  • You can designate the shutdown reason via a command line script.

  • Something like this:

    shutdown /r /t 5 /c "Patch and reboot in 5..4..3..2..1" /d P:2:18

  • Thanks. I can try this. I'm all for a work-around, but it still is a work-around. Kaseya needs to fix this and stop putting it on the back burner.

  • Alright so I built an agent procedure and scheduled our servers to not reboot when they patch. I thin scheduled the agent procedure command to run before the "patch reboot" runs. I had tested the command beforehand and it worked.

    So our patch cycle went through last night and I still received 6008 errors for all the servers still. I can confirm this command run from an agent procedure in place of the Kaseya Patch reboot does not work.

  • Here are the switches I use that works for me;

    (Planned Reboot)

    shutdown /r /d P:4:1 /f /c "(Insert your reboot message here!)"

    (Application Issue Unplanned Reboot)

    shutdown /r /d P:4:5 /f /c "(Insert your reboot message here!)"

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