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Limiting the Patching Window

  • Is there a method for limiting the time window for patch management.  We had a problem where we had a planned Interent outage last night that also coincided with several Microsoft updates beign released.  Once Internet was restored the patch management kicked in and was trying to catch up.  This was causing high ping times and dropped packets during production hours. 

    Can I limit patching to only a specified time window, like 1am to 5am?  Can I throttle it during normal hours? 

    Right now I have it set to patch scan at 9pm and then automatic upate at 3am.  For the patch file source I have it set to be pulled from LAN cache and "copy packages to the working directory on with most free space." 

  • On the Automatic Update schedule window you should be able to 'Exclude the following time range' which should not allow patching to run during that time.