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Patch update?

  • How to determine if the patches updated is fit to 32 or 64bit OS? I have windows 7 32bit patches updated and how can I distribute this patch in windows 7 64bit?

  • Generally speaking, a 32 bit patch is not appropriate for a 64 bit OS.  Kaseya leverages Microsoft's Windows Update Agent to determine which patches are appropriate for which machines.  You must run a patch scan on the endpoint to allow the discovery process to occur.  Once that is done, any patches that Microsoft has determined are appropriate for the endpoint will be reported for the patch - you can review the status (installed, missing approved, missing denied, etc.) on the Patch Status page.  If the patch in question is appropriate for and missing from the machine, you can proceed with installing the patch using the Machine Update, Automatic Update or Patch Update process.

    The patch discovery process is outlined in KKB000897 and KKB000676.  

    If you find that a scan of the local machine (via Control Panel > Windows Update > Check for missing patches) returns a patch that is not reflected in Kaseya, I recommend you open a ticket with support as this usually indicates a configuration problem with your environment.  KKB000781 discusses common causes and troubleshooting steps of this.