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Windows 8 Patch Management: Installing the Microsoft Update Catalog

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So has anyone else noticed that Kaseya Patch Management won't work with a new Windows 8 machine right out of the box?

It appears that Kaseya's patch management system looks to the "Microsoft Update Catalog" and not the "Windows Update Catalog" for missing patches because it is more comprehensive (See Kaseya Knowledge Base article: KKB000148) This is fine except that it appears Windows 8 doesn't come with the Microsoft Update Catalog installed.  I've discovered that if you open Windows Update from the control panel, you can manually install it by clicking the "Check online for updates from Microsoft Update" link pictured here:

But I have yet to figure out a way to script this or push it out to client's without manually navigating to the control panel for every machine. Any scripting gurus (or Kaseya staff) care to chime in?


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  • I was able to find this, although I have not tested it: msdn.microsoft.com/.../aa826676(v=vs.85).aspx

  • We're working on a hotfix to address this programmatically.  In the mean time, please open a ticket and we can provide you with information about how to resolve this using work-arounds readily available using VSA utilities (not as slick as a hotfix, but a very effective band-aid until the hotfix releases).

  • Also, I just tested the script I linked above on a fresh Windows 8 install. Microsoft Update was enabled immediately.