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Report on patch reboot pending

  • Hello,

    I have several servers that in Patching > Manage Machine > Patch Status > says Reboot Pending. I cannot find anywhere in the database where this is stamped but I need to be able to report on this to arrange these reboots. Is there any way to query this in SQL or report on this through Kaseya?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Andy,

    It's in dbo.patchstatustotals > rebootpending

  • Cheers GM thats perfect, looking at this field now I have numbers 1-5 in the column, anything above 0 is requiring a reboot but do you happen to know what the numbers mean? Is there a table at all that references this?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Andy,

    That field is just a count of the number of patches whose status cannot be determined until the reboot completes.


  • Thanks very much for the info!