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XP SP2 Updates, but already on SP3?!

  • Ok a strange one, as far as I can see. One of our clients has now asked that they be patched via Kaseya, and after the initial patch scan all of the PCs, almost without exception, it shows that it is missing KB811113, which is shown as Windows XP Service Pack 2. However, the PCs are already on SP3.

    Has anyone seen this before? It just seems a bit bizarre that it is trying install an older update than it would appear it needs. The other thing to note is that the patch scan shows only 36 patches installed, with only 3 more awaiting to be installed, whereas I was expecting to see far more, as I have on other sites.

    Any ideas?

  • Welcome to patch management and all its quirks.

    Sounds like an issue I have seen before, and the root cause was a client firewall that was restricting or outright blocking HTTP traffic. This caused the machine patch scan to pull data from the local wsusscan.cab file instead of the M$ library of patches. This causes the patch scan data to be incomplete and in several cases flat out wrong 9SP2 needed when already on SP3).

    Another possibilty would be corrupt scans, but I have never seen it on a large scale. Try to delete the ptchscan.xml files and results.muc file and rerun a patch scan just to rule that out. Hope it helps

  • Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the input it seems to have been really helpful. The patch management really does seem to throw the odd curve ball now and again.

    In this case it would appear that the ptchscn.xml and results.muc files must have been corrupted in some way, as on a test machine I removed them, re-scanned, and got a better looking patch status. I have now scripted the removal of the files from the other machines and will start the scans all again.