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Is it possible download all patches ahead of time?

  • Is it possible download all patches ahead of time to cut down on network traffic. On our WSUS server configure it to download patches ahead of time and any new patches at night time. So was wondering if the same was possible for kaseya? or does it only download patches as clients needs them?

  • what kind of time frames are you seeing downloads for patching before your patch run is scheduled? ie. 3 hours before patching, 1 day before patching?

    I usually don't see very many patches download as most of my servers holding the patches already have them in the patching share.

  • We just recently implemented Kaseya, so we just thinking ahead. We have a really slow internet connection so any download would pretty much kill the bandwidth.

  • Currently it is not possible to download patches ahead of time. I submitted this as a feature request before v6/K2 was released, and I was told it was added to the roadmap, but it is likely not a feature that is terribly high on the priority list. My suggestion would be to submit this through the portal as a feature request yourself. The more people that request it, the higher the priority will be.

    Regarding how long it takes patches to download - It depends on the site, but there are some scenarios where this is very useful. For example, if you have a bandwidth limited site, so you have setup bandwidth throttling in Kaseya, it is useful to be able to tickle in the patches over the course of a few days to ensure that patching can start on time. Or for a new client site that you have just taken over management for, it is often the case that patching was handled poorly and a few GB of patches will need to be downloaded in order to start patching.

  • You can always seed the FileSource directory initially.

  • If you have similar machines you can setup the file source and then schedule one machine to patch maybe a day or two earlier than the rest.  This computer should request patches which will be saved in the file source.  When you run patches on the other machines, most of the patches should be available via the file source.

  • configure file source on the network for machines to pull from. I have a client with a 768k DSL, we make sure only the server downloads patches and machines grab from it. Haven't heard any complaints for a year now.

  • Hi Max,

    how does one "seed the FileSource directory initially" ?

    We have a client they have 600 desktops and i would like to file the patch source over the weekend and then install during the week.

    they have a 2mb leased line to the web.

  • If you grab the patch source folder from another machine and sneakernet it to the client site and copy into place then the patch system will (or should) do a quick md5sum confirm on the file and then carry on to the next one.