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Service Packs missing in exchange

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when I look at the patches for Exchange 2007, I have the SP1,and SP1 rollups, SP2 and rollups, but I do not have the SP3 service pack option to accept or deny.   Exchange 2010 I dont have any SP1 either.   Am I blind, missing something, or is anyone else experiencing the same issue.

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  • For some reason Microsoft have not yet published Exchange SP3 in their update catalogue, even though it has been available as a manual download for some time now. This means it is not detected by the patch can so cannot be deployed using the standard patch update process in Kaseya (or any other patch update tool).

  • Just to confirm, you are not alone. We had to manually go through all of our exchange servers (about 50) and apply manually

  • Is this still the case? I's been over 2 years and several Update Rollups/Service Packs later and we STILL have missing Update Rollups and Service Packs that don't appear in Kaseya Patch Management.

    I would hate to have to manually monitor/install the latest patches for Exchange when they come out.

  • If it's not on catalog.update.microsoft.com/.../Home.aspx then it won't appear in Kaseya.  Though it would be nice if Kaseya could at least alert you to what's missing.

  • Thanks for the link Alistair.

    Are there any other patches (specifically rollups/service packs) anyone has seen that are not added to the catalog? (i.e. SharePoint, Office, etc)

  • SQL SPs don't appear on WindowsUpdate