I have a policy named "XP - Workstations". I approved XP SP3 many months ago. At that time there were about four SP3 patches in Kaseya's patch database, all with the same KB936929. Now there are 7 patches, all for the same SP3 patch.

The problem is that when SP2 machines are scanned today, PM decides they need the NEWEST KB936929 patch - even though the darn thing points to the exact same MS patch/executable as the prior 6 seemingly duplicate patch definitions. And those newest KB936929 patches are stuck at Pending Approval - so they never get applied when machine auto-updates Confused

There are several ways to get around this, but they all seem to have a downside:

1) set the Default Approval Status for the patch's Classification to Approved for this policy (e.g. "Service Pack - Optional Software"). Downside: ALL new patches in this class also become Approved, which may not be desirable...

2) use PM's KB Override and enter KB936929. Downside: ALL POLICIES are affected, which may not be desirable. But this is what I have chosen so far...

3) check for these duplicate patches and manually Approve them. Downside: waste of time. Need an automated solution...

How are others dealing with this PM quirk?


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