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Service Stack Updates

  • Hey Guys, 

    Our standard patch policy includes a weekly scan, and deployment at 1am on 3rd Saturday, and and force reboot after the patching. There are many more nuances then this but that's the jist. What we're running into the occasional servicing stack updates throwing us for a loop - the policy processes, the servicing stack installs, the server reboots, and then we miss the Cumulative Update for the month.

    How are you guys handling this? I can only set one reboot and patching action per policy - are you running multiple policies for each server?

  • Bumpity Bump. Anyone running into this? Finding a way around it?

  • There are four patches that we have not been able to get installed at all, even manually on the workstations.  Are they supposed to be installed in a specific order or something?

  • @trnetwork - sorry I'm not sure thats applicable to what we're seeing.

    Hey guys, nobody is else having this issue with servicing stacks?

  • Here's what we've found. Service Stacks change from release to release. Some months no new release. Some months release and no restart required. Some months restart required first. We've seen thatt he stack updates sometimes are essential depending on the OS and computer. If you need to do 2 restarts, do 2 restarts. Also there is 'Initial Update' in patch management that can be used instead of automatic update. But beware it will continue to restart until it's completed.  All control is lost after initiation.