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Waking up machines for patching

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Hello, everybody,
i would actually like to patch machines at night so that users are not disturbed during the day.
How do you do that? When I search for WOL on the forums, I don't find what I'm looking for.
I think with WOL it's not that easy to solve, we have different subnets for different clients. I've already thought about whether you can work with this tool in some way. https://www.gammadyne.com/cmdline.htm#wol
Maybe you have a solution. Thanks

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  • Under Agent Procedures, there is Schedule/Create, where you can choose machines to run a procedure with the option to "power up if online".   So you could create a do-nothing script to run at say 7:50pm to wake the machine up, then have patching begin at 8pm.  

    Wake on LAN doesn't always work, especially the more remote a machine is.   We simply tell users to "Log Off" or Reboot at the end of the day, to absolutely not "Shutdown".    You could probably create a group policy to prevent shutdown as well.

  • @cshockley is right... 100%.  A pre-procedure that does nothing but is scheduled with the check to "Wake if offline".  Kaseya will find a machine on the same network that is on and send the magic packet to the MAC address we have in the DB.  When that doesn't match up because of Wifi, VLANS, even VPN settings these days, we will fail.  The good news is, doing it dynamically via a script is very challenging... I have had ALLOT of success when the endpoint is properly configured.

    So, obviously, the machine needs to be setup for WOL.. and make sure the NIC stays awake in the power settings when the machine is suspended or powered off.

  • Thank you both

    I have tested the procedure you described.  Unfortunately, it's too unreliable. :-/

    How do you solve the patching so you don't disturb the users.

    Up to now I have patched the systems every thursday and if a reboot was necessary it was prevented so that nobody was interrupted in his work. But then again there are candidates who don't switch off their computers or never restart them. So update processes that require a reboot are not finished. Now one could at least simply restart these computers at night, but this is not possible for customers who work 24/7 in shifts.