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Rolling out Windows 10

  • Hi,

    Maybe this post belongs to the Agent Procedure part of the forum. But since its about updating and rolling out Windows 10 ill start here.

    So for all of our clients running Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 SP1, and where we dont have any plans on chaning out the hardware within the next year, we are looking into upgrading them to Windows 10.

    Has anyone made any scripts or solution to "deploy" Windows 10 via Kaseya?

    We do not want to involve users to this and was hoping we somehow could script and deploy an upgrade to Win10 as easy as it was by downloading the upgradepackage and doing it yourself.

    Has anyone started testing this out? 

    All I have come across is the KBs that lets users click and reserve windows 10 themselves. (not happening!)


  • I haven't tried but there is some info out there around using setup.exe from the Windows 10 media with the /quiet switch. Check out winaero.com/.../windows-10-setup-exe-command-line-switches and blogs.technet.com/.../windows-10-pre-upgrade-validation-using-setup-exe.aspx

    Please let us know how it goes as there will probably be a lot of us in this boat over the next 10 months while the upgrade is still free! :)

  • Jon, I would not recommend any update to Windows 10 in large volumes as is it not fully supported yet by Kaseya. The coming Kaseya R9.2 is the version for any serious Windows 10 managemen from what i have heard.

  • Identies Windows 10 but features like Patch management is not supported. I suppose Kaseya developers need to figure what to do since MS changed rules of game.

    What its worth I upgraded my workstation just unzipping Windows 10 .iso to C:\ drive and running setup there. But uncompatible drivers like AV may make the computer go BSOD (happened to my colleague) so there are risks involved.

  • Has anyone approved the windows 10 patches in patch management and has patch management upgraded any of your clients to windows 10 after approval?
  • When I scan win10 machines for patches, kaseya just shows a "-" symbol under installed/missing approved/etc.

    Also, there is no windows 10 category under patch approval by policy -> view/group by product. so if a Winodws 10 category doesn't exist, you certainly can't approve any patches within it :)

    Fact is, Kaseya patching just doesn't support windows 10.

    As for upgrading machines TO win10 from within Kaseya - haven't been brave enough to try to do that, no idea if it's even possible. 99% of our agents are domain joined and don't see any win10 related stuff - we blocked all that some time ago as we don't want any clients on win10 yet.