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High Number of Failed Patch installations

  • Has anyone else seen an unusually high number of failed patch installations?  I have opened support ticket CS187368 to address this, but I was wondering if anyone else had seen the same problem.


  • Not noticed a large number of failures but the amount of patches that are Internet Based Install Only is becoming a big concern especially where we're trying to minimise internet traffic but now have to download everyone of these patches multiple times.

  • We are seeing a large number of failed patch installations on some of our clients servers. Alot of them beeing service packs, update rollups and .NET updates.

    On clients we are facing "bottle neck updates" when clients dont reboot their computers until after next patch window occurs. Needing to run several initial updates on the clients.

    Have you reached any conclusions by submitting your  Kaseya ticket?

  • Hi Eperson,

    Do you also see a Windows Update Selfupdate which is needed?
    (Try Windows Update on the server itself, through WUA)

    We have found out that there has been a Windows Update Agent update, which is needed before patches can be (automatically) installed again.

    If possible, please subscribe my article on new feature request here: community.kaseya.com/.../19322.aspx

    You can try to gather the WUA version, and use View to exclude the latest Winx to Win7 builds (one version nr) and Win8 build.
    For more info on latest build, support.microsoft.com/.../949104.
    (expand under More Information, the first item "check which version of WUA is installed")



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