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Anyone else seeing Patch Scans failing.

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Everything *had* been working fine with this, however starting yesterday All of our patch scans are failing with "Failed Then in Step 2". Step 2 appears to reference a system script named Disable Windows Update, and the procedure logs indicate this script is missing. Patch scans on 4/25 worked fine, beginning on 4/26 they started failing. I've already started a ticket with Kaseya on this, but I thought I would poll to see if anyone else is seeing this, or if it's just us.

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  • We are getting a a similar error "Script Missing", however the patch scan works with a manual scan. Here are the links we got from support but are still trying figure out what's going wrong and will update you if we make any progress.



  • We are also seeing this happen - I did some scratching and found that something seems to have gone out around the 14th May as that date and before, I can see the patches installed correctly. Thereafter, the Kasaya console says patches are either installed and they are not as MS Update finds them [but this requires a manual check each time per pc] or that the patches are required, you click to install, the script does start to run, i.e. vercred.txt etc happens, and then nothing gets installed. First suggestion from Kaseya re the "why is the patch scan failing...." does seem to get close to the issue, but have tried this on two machines, one kinda did some changes, the other remainded the same - i.e. had to install the patches from MS Update manually - not right! Have also raised ticket and waiting for reply. Thanks